Undergraduate Research News!!

Undergraduates Research Assistants from the lab had a strong showing at UCR’s 2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium.
Department Affiliations: (1) Psychology, (2) Neuroscience, (3) Linguistics, (4) Computer Science, (5) Statistics

  • Kimberly Miller (3), Determining the extent that the high dimensional memory model can categorize verbs based on fine granularity
  • Melissa Saidak (1), How language proficiency could increases semantic relationships in memory
  • Giselle Urquijo (2), Kimberly Miller (3), Mabel Wong (1), Meera Shah (2), & Ashima Kumar (2).  Exploration of Memory and Language Function in Dementia with the SCiL Application. Team Leader (graduate student) Adrian Cunningham (1)
  • Flynn Mcgettigan (4) & Derrick Tien (5), What’s in a Name? Using the HAL Model to Find Associations between Adjectives and Names