torm -a -o N /Data/tmp/t9 (or slim,twoyear) < infile >outfile
-a  specifies associations (requires t9 database)
-o  specifies number of nearest neighbors to obtain
N  = number of neighbors desired
-t  1 or 2 (default to 1) for # of processors

/Data/tmp/t9 (or slim) t9 is full file; slim is w/o associations

< infile  just a list of words
> outfile what program provides

torm -a -o /Data/tmp/t9 (or slim) kidmat

then type in word(s) and ^d to output to screen

Output looks as follows:

neighbors of: cat

cat =    0.0000  5.01       1036
man =  474.1234  4.96         49
1         2       3          4

Column 2 is semantic distance in RSUs.
Column 3 is mean number words cooccuring between two items within
10 word window.
Column 4 is raw frequency of two items cooccurring.