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Last Updated 15 June 2000
In April of 1997, my co-author and friend, Kathy Hammel, sold me five Victorian fashion plates. Thus started my collection of hand-painted Victorian fashion plates. My dear friend, Olga Dugan, presented me with seven Victorian fashion plates in July 1997. I have added to the collection and now am the proud owner of some thirty Victorian fashion plates ranging from 1834 to 1898. In 1998, a fellow lover of British literature and wonderful correspondent of mine from England, Martin Porter, sent me a large number of fashion plates as a fantastic present. I am delighted to share some of my collection with those on the web.

1830s Plates

Circa 1830-1833 Plate
Evening Dress

Circa 1830-1833 Plate
Ball Dress

January 1834 Plate

Circa June 1838 Plate
Evening Dress, Spanish Mantelet,
and Mousseline Shawl

1840s Plates

Circa early 1840s Plate
Evening Dresses

Circa early 1840s Plate
Dinner Dress

Circa 1842 Plate
Opera Cloak and Evening Dress

April 1845 Plate

Circa August 1846 Plate
Day Dresses

Circa late 1840s Plate
Redingote and Dress

Circa late 1840s Plate
Wedding Dress

Circa 1840s Plate
Lady's Mantle

1850s Plates

February 1850 Plate

March 1850 Plate

Le Moniteur de la Mode
No. 387, c. 1850s

Le Moniteur de la Mode
No. 446, c. 1850s

Le Moniteur de la Mode
No. 466, c. 1850s

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