A Collector's Guide to Regency Romances

Last Update 3 July 2003


Barbara Cartland Novels Set circa 1790-1830

Barbara Cartland Novels Set in 1790-1800

Barbara Cartland Novels Set in 1802-6

Barbara Cartland Novels Set in 1811-1819

Barbara Cartland Novels Set in 1820-1830

Other Pages Useful to Tracking Down Regency Romances
Links last checked 7/3/03

The Regency Repository A great source of information on all things Regency!

The Society of London Ladies

Steve Lewis, Bookseller, Romance Fiction Page

Good Sites at The Reader's Corner

Romance Novels and Women's Fiction Page

British Women's Novels: A Reading List, 1777-1818

The Unofficial Patricia Veryan Webpage This page is the ultimate guide to tracking the complex relationships of Veryan's work, which is quite excellent. If you aren't hooked yet, check out this page, check out this page, and you soon may be!

Edith Layton's Page This includes complete information on all of her works, plus lists of awards, pictures of her incredibly talented children, and a fascinating essay on her hobbies (see the Favorites page).

Sheri Cobb South's WebPage has information on how to order a collection of romantic short stories (some regencies) and a magazine that publishes romantic short stories (some regencies). The page also features two interesting short sections of Sheri's own regency short stories, "The Return of Captain Rawlings" and "Emily's Elopement".

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