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The Lady's Magazine, or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, Appropriated Solely to Their Use and Amusement  (published in English in London, England, 1770 to 1832)

There are over 50 subpages here with images of 9 black-and-white fashion plates, 31 color plates, 2 royal portraits, and 13 different story illustrations featuring women. Text includes fashion descriptions; court event descriptions; "The Libertine Reclaimed: A Tale";"Wax Bosoms"; "On Avarice"; "Modern Seduction"; and an account of Princess Amelia's funeral.

Journal de la Mode et du Goût, ou amusemens du salon et de la toilette  (published in French in Paris, France,1790 to1793)

There are three subpages here with 5 black-and-white fashion plates and 20 color plates. Unfortunately I have none of the French text from the journal, but I have offered my own commentary and what expert notes I could find.

Journal des Luxus und der Moden  (published in German in Weimar, Austria-Hungary [now Germany], 1786 to 1827)

This page has 6 black-and-white plates and 12 color plates. Unfortunately, I have not been able to date many of these or to locate copies of the original text German text relevent to the fashion. I have added some links, however, to some original German text available online. This page is getting pretty long, so I will need to break it up into some subpages soon.

Le Beau Monde or Literary and Fashionable Magazine  (published in English by J. Bell in London, England,1806 to 1809) renamed Le Beau Monde and Monthly Register (published in London, England by J. Tyler in English,1809 and 1810)

There are 40 subpages with 3 color plates and 45 black-and-white plates. Each subpage has some or all of the original text of the journal's fashion description. Although this journal had other types of content, I don't have any of it available here.

The Gallery of Fashion  (published in English by Nicholas Heideloff in London, England, 1794 to 1803)

There are over 40 subpages here and close to 100 images. Each issue of this journal had two plates and commentary--this was a very specialized journal rather than the more general interest journal that cover literature, theater, etc. The pages on 1794 to 1796 typically have either the partial or complete original text. Most have plates as well although most are rather poor scans of black-and-white photocopies or of reproductions that lack the vividness of the originals. For the years 1797 to 1803, I have very little information.

La Belle Assemblée or Bell's Court and Fashionable Magazine Addressed Particularly to the Ladies  (published in English by John Bell in London, England,1806 to1832)

This site has 25 subpages and about 90 images. There are a number of undated or roughly dated plates on the main page. The subpages usually feature some commentary and images. The quality of the images varies dramatically from beautiful scans of the few plates I own to scans of bad photocopies of other people's plates or reproductions. This journal had a lot of other content besides fashion; occassionally some embroidery patterns or other plates is available.

Journal des Dames et des Modes  (published in French in Paris, France,1797 to1803) renamed Costume Parisien (published in French in Paris, France,1803 to1839)

This small site has 2 subpages and about 50 images in total. This journal published a huge number of plates per year. I have only seen scattered plates and never a complete issue or bound journal. Basically the site is just a few plates, some not dated. The translations of any French commentary should be treated with suspicion and double checked for accuracy.

The Lady's Monthly Museum, or Polite Repository of Amusement and Instruction: being an Assemblage of what can Tend to please the Fancy, Instruct the mind or Exalt the Character of the British Fair  (published in English, in London, England, 1798 to1813), renamed The Ladies' Monthly Museum . . . [emphasis mine, subtitle remained the same] (published in English, in London, England,1814 to 1832)

There are 80 subpages here and only 10 prints. Ironically, I actually own a few years of this journal. I've been too busy enjoying my copies to scan them it and risk the bindings. Sadly this site has mostly just the very short dress commentary for each issue at the moment.

The Ladies' Pocket Magazine  (published in English, in London, England,1824 to1839)

I was able to photocopy parts of the 1824 and 1825 volumes of this journal. The nine issues I examined each have a subpage. I own two beautiful color plates from these years which are available in beautiful scans, but the other 8 images are dreadful scans of poor quality black-and-white photocopies. The original fashion commentary of these 9 issues is reprinted on these pages.

The Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashion, and Politics  (published by Rudolf Ackermann in English, in London, England, 1809 to 1829)

There are 11 subpages on this site and about 30 images. I have very little of the original text of Ackermann's journal and most of these scans are of poor quality.

Le Bon Genre  (published in French, in Paris, France, 1813 to 1827) This journal featured satirical fashion plates that must be considered differently from normal fashion plates. Other plates simiply depicted various people and amusements found in Paris at the time.

I have 8 full black-and-white images of plates from this journal. In addition I have two partial plates, one in color and one in black-and-white. I don't have any text from the original journal; the little information I do have is all located on one page.

Wiener Modenzeitung  later renamed Wiener Zeitschrift fur Kunst, Literatur und Mode (published by A. Strauss in German in Vienna, Austria-Hungary [now Germany], 1816 to 1848).

There is one subpage with a larger version of 1 of the 10 plates of this journal I have. Three of the plates on this site are scans of rather poor color reproductions; the others are greyscale scans of fairly decent quality. I do not provide any of the original German nor any translation of the original German text.

Petit Courrier des Dames Annonces des Modes, des Nouveautes et des Arts  (published in French, in Paris, France,1821 to 1868).

Each of the 21 plates, scanned from black-and-white photocopies, has its own subpage. All but one 1822 plate are from the years 1828 and 1829. Most of the subpages have the original French from the bottom of the plate clearly typed out; however, no French translations have been provided.

See this page for some information on La Miroir de la Mode  (1803) which was published by Madame Lanchester in English in London, England. The page has one fashion plate from this journal.

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