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I'm sorry it was unavailable for so long--my host site had a server meltdown!

I'll be moving all the regency content on these pages ( to over the year of 2006. This locutus site (and for those of you linked to, hal is the server that died--R.I.P.) will basically stay the same, and as I clean up html, change images to ones that load faster for the web, and add new content all the new pages/changes will be at the new site.

I very much appreciate all the links people have made to my site since it started back in 1995 and the many kind emails people have sent. As a professor of English literature and a regency fashion lover, learning all the computer and web "magic" has been a bit of a challenge, and I am often embarassed at how some of my pages have dead links or huge files or other problems. Since I got a fulltime job back in 1998, I've had very little time for doing things on the web, and I've been happy that so many still in enjoy this quite "old-fashioned" website (it's oh so last century)!
Cathy Decker

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  • Pages featuring images of real clothing owned by museums or private collectors
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This page contains images of costumes created in the spirit of the age of Austen.
Regency Outerwear Article
"Cloaks, Capes, Pelisses and Spencers: Outerwear for Regency Ladies" by Kathy Hammel, reprinted from Marilyn Clay's The Regency Plume by permission of the author. Copyrighted to Kathy Hammel and Marilyn Clay.
The Regency Male's Wardrobe
A number of the fashion plates of male dress on the site are gathered here on this page. However, this page does not contain all of the male plates at the site (the periodical pages are the most inclusive.)
Princess Charlotte's Wedding Page
Images, links, and fashions related to Princess Charlotte's Wedding, 1816

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