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The Regency Fashion Page

British Women's Novels, 1777- 1828

"Crossing Old Barriers: The WorldWideWeb, Academia, and the Romantic Novel."

Regency Romances, 1929-1998

"Female Self-Treatment: Preventive Medical Regimes, Piety, and the Novels of Frances Burney, Elizabeth Hamilton, and Elizabeth Helme"





The Regency Portrait Page

A Collector's Guide to Regency Romances

My Unfinished Regency

A Syllabus on Women Writers, 1782-1818





"Female Issues in British Women's Novels, 1775-1815"

A Review of The Works of Aphra Behn

The Regency Style Year-by-Year Page

Cathy's Jacobean Embroidery Page





Kathy Hammel's Guide to Regency Outerwear

Bargello, an 18th Century Craft

A Guide to English Culture, 1660- 1830
(links badly dated)

A Guide to English History, 1660- 1800
(links badly dated)





Portraits of Royalty Page

Princess Charlotte's Wedding Page

An Evening With Jane Austen Tea and Dance
1998, 1999, 2000

A Reading Guide for Frances Burney's Cecilia, 1782

I am interested in linking this page to other resources that would appeal to regency romance fans. Please send any suggestions to me at thanks to those that have sent in new links and comments!

Links to Other Servers' Regency Sites

Really Regency Sites

All links in this section last verified 7/31/00
(Most of these sites are informative and entertaining, not commercial althought some are trying to sell things or featuring ads. If you want to buy costumes, patterns, books, etc. try the commercial sites list of links below.)

Cupidity: The Regency Page

The Society of London Ladies

The Costumer's Manifesto

The Regency Repository

Republic of Pemberley

Georgette Heyer Mailing List Companion

Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion

Prints George

Le Garderobe

Women of the Romantic Period

Friends of the English Regency

The 1815 Diary of a Farm Girl

The Regency Town House

Candice Hern, Regency Author

All About Romance Homepage

The Bay Area English Regency Society

Jean Ross Ewing's Page

Regency Costume

Laura Runge's Homepage

Laura Wallace's Homepage

The Regency Lovers' Cafe Links Page

The Georgian Society

Regency Dance Society

Letter Writing, Road Transport, & the Mail, 1800-1835

Romance of the Written Word

Chawton House

Regency Romance: A Play in One Act

A Jane Austen Bulletin Board

The Regency Press

Juliette Leigh's FAQ

Regency Era, Historical Reenactment: Net Links

The Regency Plume Newsletter

British Women Romantic Poets, 1789- 1832

A Regency Ball

Regency Images

Women Romantic-Era Writers

War of 1812 Discussion Group

Jane Austen Evening 2000 Page

Hampshire: The Jane Austen County


Sites of Special Interest

All links in this section last verified 7/31/00

In Royal Fashion, London Museum

The Museum of Costume, Bath

The Assembly Rooms, Bath

La Couturière Parisienne

The Costume Site

Joanne Haug's article "Antique Fashion Plates"

Thomas Hope's 1812 Costume of the Ancients This book heavily influenced post- 1812 fashion.

The History of Costume has some regency period images.

Elizabeth Le Bruin, female portrait painter of the Regency era

The Bata Shoe Musuem

Heather Palmer's "The Natural Waist and Large Sleeves: Women's Fashions 1825- 1840"

Meg Andrews' "Beyond the Fringe: Shawls of Paisley Design"


The History of Brighton

History of the Old Ship Hotel, Brighton

Nancy Mautz's The Age of Enlightenment Page

Manitoba Living History Society

Early Printed Collections in the British Library

A Jaunt Around Restoration London

Heroica, A Napoleonic War Site

Napoleonix, a funny Napoleonic War Site

In Fine Fashion

It's Tea Time ...

Mousi's Page

The Illustrated Book, 1780-1830

TCM's Casper David Friedrich Gallery






Favorite Author Sites

All links in this section last verified 3/6/01
Regency Authors

Henry Churchyard's Jane Austen Page

Charlotte Smith

Frances "Fanny" Burney d'Arblay

Maria Edgeworth

Elizabeth Inchbald

Mary Wollstonecraft

William Godwin

Sir Walter Scott

The Lord Byron Home Page

The William Wordsworth Page

Anna Laetitia Barbauld Web Site

William Blake--The Blake Digital Text Project

Ann Radcliffe

Letitia Elizabeth Landon

Sophia Lee

Other Famous Authors and Regency Romance Writers

The Balzac Page (1799-1850)

Ruth Nestvold's Aphra Behn Page
Behn is late 17th, not 18th century, but wonderful!

Wilkie Collins
OK, so he's Victorian, but he's great!

Reda's Barbara Cartland Homepage

Sally Houghton's The Georgette Heyer Homepage

Jo Beverley's Page

Edith Layton's Page


Jean Ross Ewing's Page

Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick Official Website


The Loretta Chase Homepage


Joan Wolf


Mary Jo Putney


Julia Quinn


Elizabeth Lowell/Ann Maxwell
She doesn't do regencies, but I love her science fiction (as Ann Maxwell), and she's one of the few romance writers whose Medieval and Western romances don't make me laugh or feel ill.







Essential Research Sites

All links in this section last verified 3/7/01

Jack Lynch's 4-star "Eighteenth-Century Resources"

Mary Mark Ockerbloom's A Celebration of Women Writers

The Brown University Women Writer's Project

Henry Churchyard's Jane Austen Page

Romantic Links, Homepages, and Electronic Texts

Carol Gerten's Fine Art: A Virtual Museum

WebMuseum, Paris

Links to England Related Web Sites

Internet Sites Related to English Literature

The On- Line Books Page

Relevant Organizations

All links in this section last verified 3/7/01

The Society of London Ladies

The Beau Monde

The American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

The Aphra Behn Society

The Jane Austen Society of North America


The Lively Arts History Association

The Byron Society

The International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

The Society of Early Americanists

The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing

The Period Events & Entertainments Re-Creation Society

The International Costumers' Guild

The Napoleonic Association



More Research Links

All links in this section last verified 7/31/00

The Emory Women Writers Resource Project

Romantic Circles

The Kassandra Project: Visionary German Women Around 1800 Homepage

Romanticism On the Net

The Write Page

The Literary Gothic Page

The Early American Fiction Project

Tweedy's Nest: Site Links for Sewing, Embroidery, and Crafts

Textile Sensations Online

British Titles of Nobility

The Age of George III





Regency Commercial Sites

All links in this section last verified 2/4/01
Costume Sites

Costello and Sons: Costumes and Uniforms

British Napoleonic War Replicas

Kelmikco Custom Military Uniforms

Gillies & Saxxon Costumes

Reflections of the Past, Antiques (of many types, including clothing)

Victoria Louise's Historical Clothing


Rizzo's Reproduction Vintage Clothing

La Mode Bagatelle
The Regency Wardrobe Pattern Packet is marvelous!

Buy Regency Dancing Slippers

Tymeportal's Regency Page

Sense and Sensibility Clothing

Patterns of Time

Wings and Roses
(Buy Regency Gowns)

Fashions in Time's Regency Page

La Bonneterie (Buy Regency Bonnets

Thistledown: Victorian Era Cotton Nightgowns
(Some look like muslin morning dress)

Austentation Boutique: Regency Assessories









Lavolta Press (Books on Fashion)

Steve Lewis, Bookseller: Regency Romance List

Hard-to- Find (Romance) Books

One Romance Street Romantic Books

The Colonial Dancing Master

Coquette Net: 18th-century Women Writers

Darcy's Story

Squirrel Hill Press (Historical Dance Books)

Prinny World Press (Regency Romances)

A Regency Bookshelf

Other Regency Products

Regency Era Carpet (1812)

Piano Classics from the World of Jane Austen

The Lanesborough, a London Hotel with Regency-Style Rooms

Miss Muffin Gets Married: Experience An 1812 Wedding
(direct link no longer possible, look for Miss Muffin on Homepage)

King George IV Inn

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