Le Bon Genre, 1813-1827

Last Update 8/5/97

Key Sources on Le Bon Genre

Davenport, Millia. The Book of Costume. Volume I. New York: Crown Publishers, 1948.

About Le Bon Genre

"The `Bon Genre's' ... illustrations are lively and witty statements of the life of Paris since the beginning of the XIXc., with a text of explanatory paragraphs, rather than fashion plates" (Davenport 814).


1807, Lingerie bonnet makers

1807, Grisettes getting ready for bed

1811, Guessing the Kiss; the men's coats have velvet collars

Left: 1810, English Empire Walking Dress

Right: 1813, Garrick with Five Cape Collars

Details of the 1810 plate above.
La Toilette Chinoise, 1814

Satire of English fashions, 1815

English (left) and French (right) Fashions, 1815

Print of a Paris Cafe, 1816. The seated woman wears a Redingote.

"Promenades Aeriennes," 1817. This plate shows fashionable folk by the new rollercoster in Paris.

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