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Portraits of Women Writers, 1775-1820
Portraits of Royalty
Portraits of 1790
Portraits of 1793
Princess Charlotte's Wedding Page (with Portraits)

French Painters

Jacques-Louis David (last updated 3/10/01)
Baron Antoine-Jean Gros (last updated 3/12/01)
Elisabeth Vignée Le Brun (last updated 3/12/01)
Francois-Andre Vincent (last update 3/14/01)
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (last update 3/14/01)
Baron Antoine-Jean Gérard (last update 3/12/01) New Images!
Henre-Pierre Danloux (last update 3/10/01)
Louis-Léopold Boilly (last update 3/10/01)

Robert Lefevre (last update 3/14/01)

American Painters
Samuel F. B. Morse (last updated 3/14/01)
Ralph Earl (last updated 3/14/01)
Gilbert Stuart (last updated 3/14/01)
Henry Sargent (last updated 3/14/01)
Thomas Sully (last updated 3/14/01)
English Painters
Sir Thomas Lawrence (under construction)
John Linnell (last updated 3/14/01)
Scottish Painters
Archibald Skirving (last updated 3/14/01)

Sites on Regency Painters Not Covered by This Page

American Painter, John Vanderlyn

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