Wiener Modenzeitung, 1816-1848
Last Update 1 July 2003

(See comments below image.)

Notice the different striped fabric of the flounces--perhaps a plaid--or the same striped fabric shifted for the hem trim and overlaid with additional striped trim. It isn't clear if the bottom two flounces are made with a similar fabric or the same fabric with some extra stripes added on. The v-shaped trim is clearly sewn on top of the flounces, which are likely stiffened in some way to hold that stiff, circular distance from the feet. The hat appears to be lined with a plaid similar to the dress fabric(s), but not the same--the angles of the plaid differ from the angles in the hem fabric. The sleeves have been cut with the fabric used in the body of the dress, but in a different direction. The ruffled trim in v-shapes on the flounces is the same as that around the neck. The third major design element of this outfit is the ribbon trim on the cuffs and the ribbon belt. Buckles on the ribbon-cuff trim echo the buckle of the belt. Ribbon on the hat appears in both a similar strip to these type of ribbons and in the same plaid as lines the hat. With so much going on in this outfit, the colors would no doubt "make or break it." Note the pinking of the handkerchief. Some dresses of this period often used the same fabric as the dress is made of as a trim, but with the fabric of the trim pinked or cut in v-shapes.

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