Looking for Info on Cathy Decker, Catherine H. Decker, Catherine Helen Decker, of Riverside, CA, Ph.d. in 18th C. British Lit. and the Novel? Well, you are here at the right place.

The main reason people look me up is my Regency Fashion Page.

Cathy's Site Map This page is dated from 2003. This site map links to most of the pages on the site although some of the other subpages' names have changed and some of the dates of last update are inaccurate. This is still a good way to try to move around on the site however. The hal server is dead, so any links that have hal in them won't work--if you type in locutus for hal, that will help most of the time.

Basically, this is an abandoned website full of dead links and old material. However, some old material is still interesting and useful to people, so I haven't taken down the site.

What might still be interesting? Well, there is some of my poetry, part of a regency romance I wrote back in the early 1990s, the feminist wedding service I wrote, images of my embroidery and bargello, bits and pieces of academic writing, lots of syllabi, some reading guides, some bibliographies, and, of course, a lot of information on the Regency. I have some extensive pages on Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees, but readers might also enjoy my sites on Burney's Cecilia, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Enchanted April, Mad Puppetstown, Woolf's To the Lighthouse, or Cherrhy's Merchanter's Luck.

If you are interested, another website I'm involved with is Plagiarismtest.org